A New Day .. A New Hope

AAMAL (Syrian Organisation for the Disabled)  in special visit to SCHR center

Special visit to Studies Center for Handicapped Research (SCHR) in Salamieh by Dr. Rami Khalil, Executive Director of Syrian Organisation for the Disabled in Syria, and Mrs. Maria Rumman As a member of AAMAL organization.

Dr. Rami Khalil and Mrs. Maria Rumman viewed the activities of students and training of children with disabilities through ICTs and ATs.
Chairman of SCHR center Nabil Eid  reviewed the SCHR center plan in terms of rehabilitating the disabled and helping them overcome their disability, and he presented the importance and the role of ICTs and Ats in providing the best education, capacity building, developing life-Skills for students with disabilities. Also, Mr. Eid explained IT programs
and specialized software and ability to learn to use ICT and new products and Assistive technology to creative solutions that enable individuals with disabilities to be more independent, productive, and included in society and community life.

Dr. Rami Khalil and Mrs. Maria Rumman have toured all departments of the centre and spoke with staff and volunteers of SCHR, also Dr. Rami assured on the possibility of provide assistance to the centre through AAMAL organization such as assessment tests, training courses and workshops to benefits and improve capabilities of all staff and volunteers in center.

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AAMAL, the Syrian Organization for the Disabled, is a non-Governmental organization dedicated to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs by acting as a catalyst for change, pursuing an integrated approach, and networking with others to achieve the broadest impact.

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