SCHR participated at the National Forum on Disability in Syria, 11-12- Dec, 2010

The national forum on disability, organized by the Syrian organization for the disabled (AAMAL),

and cooperation with the central council for the disabled Affairs and UN organizations operating in Syria,

the conference took place at al-Umawyeen conference palace from 11-12 December 2010.

The two-day Forum discussed the national plan for disability, legal issues, educational integration, services, social initiatives, awareness and mass media.

The aims of the conference establishing a national agency for disability affairs, buildings utilities and organizing programs for civil societies, encouraging social initiatives, expanding the national plan for disability, raising awareness among employers regarding the employ of the persons with disabilities

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor H.E. Dr. Diyala Haj Aref said that the council's work allows for group effort and partnership among government and private bodies regarding the issue of disability, stressing that no results can be achieved without a society that believes in what these bodies are working to achieve.

The resident representative of the UNDP in Syria Mr. Ismael Weld al-Sheikh Ahmad lauded Syria's efforts to integrated disabled individuals into society, mainly issuing the law for disabled care no. 34 for 2004, which stipulated for rehabilitating the disabled and providing job opportunities for them.

Weld al-Sheikh Ahmad noted that UN organizations operating in Syria gave priority to programs relayed to the participation of the persons with disabilities, stressing the importance of the participation of the private sector and civil associations in these programs.

Also, Executive Director of AAMAL Rami Khalil said the forum aims at forming a unified front and devising a national map for improving the situation of the persons with disabilities and achieve the goal of allowing the persons with disabilities to live a full life as active parts of society.

Representatives of civil, popular, governmental bodies and international organizations are participating in the two-day forum, in addition to several experts.