Celebrating Inauguration Day Events
The schedule for celebration in Studies Center for Handicapped Research
Opening Computer Centrum at Studies Center for Handicapped Research.

Photo Gallery from Inauguration Day
Inauguration Day Glimpses
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Inauguration day for opining computer Centrum to disabled people
in SCHR, supporting by Netherlands embassy in Syria.

Under the patronage of Dr. Diala Haj Aref
Minister of Social Affairs and Labor in Syria
And the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Desiree Bonis the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Syria
ceremony the opening of computer Centrum for disabled people in Studies center for Handicapped Research

The inauguration day will be held in Salamieh, cultural center on Sunday date 28-9-2008 at eleven am.

Inauguration Day

The schedule for celebration in Studies Center for Handicapped Research

10:00 am                      Arrival to Hama governorate 

Touring the tourist attraction accompanied with Mr. Abdul Razak Qutaini  the governor of Hama.

11:00           am            Arrival to Salamieh (Cultural Center )

11:00-11:15 am            Proceeding of reception delivering a speech of thanks and appreciation to her Excellency. English and Arabic (Mr. Abdullah Fadel, Communication officer in SCHR).

11:15-11:45 am            Presentation (Arabic and English) about SCHR activities and ICTs project for disabled people (Eng. Nabil Eid Chairman of SCHR).

11:50-12:00 am            Leaving to Studies Center for handicapped Research location

12:00- 1:00  pm           - Official inauguration and cutting the ribbon to computer room

                                    - Practical briefing with disabled children about programs prospects the SCHR team work and volunteer.

                                    - Offering her Excellency trophies ,shields and honorary certificates.

Inauguration Day

Opening Computer Centrum at Studies Center for Handicapped Research.

Under the patronage of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Syria and under patronage of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Syria opening of computer Centrum  for disabled children at the Studies Centre for handicapped research.

The inauguration day was launched on 28/9/2008 on the SCHR location with the presence of Her Excellency  Mrs. Desiree Bonis the Ambassador of Royal Netherlands embassy in Syria, and Mr. Abdul Razzak Kotaini governor of Hama state and the presence of many people interested in disability issues

The celebration started at eleven in the morning at the Arab Cultural Center Hall in Salamieh, with the sub-council member for the disabled in the province of Hama Mr. Ghassan Alsnkeri, he welcomed with guests and audience and praised the role of Hama state in support of disability issues and thanked the Royal Netherlands Embassy Also, Mrs. Desiree Bonis to welfare of the disabled through the grant for the purchase of educational equipments, consisting of devices and portable, personal computers and assistance for children with disabilities in SCHR.

Then Mr. Abdallah Fadel communication officer at SCHR welcomed Mrs. Desiree Bonis and Mr. Governor of Hama .He also, high lighted the support and contribution of the Netherlands  Embassy in Syria. Click here for details
The chairman of SCHR Nabil Eid illuminated  the importance of the use ICTs in development persons with disabilities. and explain the role of ICTs in capacity building for persons with disabilities and enhancing learning in SNE field. Click here to download presentation (Arabic and English)

At the end of the festivity certificates of thanks and appreciation were presented to Her Excellency Mrs. Bonis and Mr. Governor of Hamaa also, Mr. Rene Spitz the first secretary in royal Netherlands embassy.
The Ambassador and governor moved to location of the Studies Center for Handicapped Research to cut ribbon for computer Centrum, and Mr.Nabil Eid , Mr.Talal Al katlabi explain the programs and software which applied on disabled children through PCs and her Excellency Mrs. Desiree listened to the disabled people when they are working on programs computer.


Photo Gallery from Inauguration Day


Mr. Abdalh Fadel Communication Officer SCHR.

Greeting to distinguished guests

Your Excellency Mrs.Desiree Bonis.

The Ambassador of  Royal Netherlands

Mr. Abdul Razak Qutaini, the governor of Hama

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning

Today we are having a special occasion for special guests

On behalf of Studies Center for Handicapped Research, I have the privilege of welcoming her Excellency The Ambassador of  Royal Netherlands and Mr. Rene Spitz the first secretary in Netherlands embassy for the kind contribution and tangible support the embassy is offering to our center .

Thanks and gratitude is extended to the Netherlands people and government as your Excellency manifested the values and manners of your country.

Your Excellency

Our distinguished guests.

Let me  quote what our Ancestors say

" It is better by far to light a candle rather to blame darkness"

And such we do. We are planting the seeds of hope in the souls of our disabled people  

We want them to feel confident and secure .

We want to change their disability into creativity . The SCHR is doing its best to light the hearts of those special needs and get the disabled integrated  in community.

Your Excellency we are following the example of Mrs. Al Assad who is in fact a pioneer in this concern . She is also offering unlimited support to the disabled community on wider dimensions

Words are not enough to thank you a gain and thank your team especially Mr. Rene Spitz the first secretary in Netherlands embassy , and distinguished guests  for taking pains in making this festivity possible

Thanks you all and welcome to Salamieh.


Photo Gallery from Inauguration Day


Interested Audience
Her Excellency the ambassador and his Excellency Mr. governor of Hama with audience are following a presentation made by Mr.Nabil Eid  

Smile for Promising Future
His Excellency the governor of Hama accompanied by Her Excellency the ambassador are cutting the ribbon of the inauguration at SCHR location

Token of Gratitude
His Excellency the governor is presenting a certificate of thanks and appreciation under the eyes of Mr. Spitz " True Friend"

His Excellency the governor is presenting a certificate to Mr. Monjed Khaliel a generous donor to the SCHR

Mr. Nabil Eid and his distinguished guests at their visit to the SCHR computer room are being briefed by Mr. Nabil about the activities and success has been made
A careful follow up to the SCHR people

Her Excellency with her company are are happy to see the disabled people handicrafts,
It's a real pleasure to her.


True appreciation to a profound friend
Well done Mr. Spitz and thank you ,
We really respect you

Disabled children at the SCHR


Inauguration Day Glimpses


Media Coverage

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