Aims and Targets of SCHR - CAI


We will Improve the E-learning experience for disabled students studying

Disabled students are the target of the project. It is clear that our efforts aim at providing a better learning environment on computer systems for the disabled students. Disabled students spend a good deal of time and effort in order to break the barriers within the society.
The trainee will gain satisfactory experience that enable him / her to be an active member in society. 
The accomplishment of this level of education for all students can be a highly stressful task for us .In spite of the all the unusual problems, the disabled student is ultimately able to overcome them and start a new life. Further more, the trainee will have an access to job market. In this respect we encourage both local and governmental organizations to ensure job opportunities that emerge for those students.     

We aim to help academic learning disabilities students to understand the issues relating to the development of accessible learning environment.

The project is specifically arranged to create healthy learning environment. Although the term "Special needs" is used in its broadest sense yet, we want to have better understanding for this term by all people. For this reasons, we have initiated an ambitious move to rehabilitate the disabled and qualify them for good life. The program includes activities such as providing equipments, access to information at the pre-entry stage, access to information, and the use of IT facilities.

 Here are some aspects of the environment that disabled students can be in touch with our centre (e.g. accessibility of materials, communication strategies). We hope to provide practical examples about how the changing of the learning environment can lead to an accessible academic life.

We aim to increase the competence and confidence of academic staff in understanding the needs of disabled students.

Although aim two is directed towards providing practical examples of developing accessible teaching environments, still there is a need to increase the general staff, awareness of  better understanding to disability issues. We hope that through the use of practical examples and case studies we will provide academic staff with the tools for discussing such issues in the faculty/department and hence raising the profile of the disability issues.

Project aims to help disabled people into jobs

The Project targets people with disabilities, builds training center and provides trainees with vital employment skills in a real working environment.