Workshop and training course on ICT and Assistive Technology for students with Disabilities

The workshop organized by Salamieh Telecentre and collaboration with Cerebral Palsy Association and Studies Centre for Handicapped Research on 23-28 October 2010 in Salamieh, Syria

The workshop took place at Salamieh Telcenter.

The them of the workshop is ICT&AT to improve capabilities of PwDs and provide participants with the knowledge and skills that they require to meet the needs of a diverse range of ICT&AT for PwDs. 

The workshop and course content includes modules on:

- Using computers

- Environmental control systems

- Augmentative communication

- Educational software

- Power mobility

- Integrating ICT&AT

The participations from CPA and SCHR are specialists and contributions in ICT field for development PwDs.

The training course covered the basic principles ICT and assistive technology assessment of needs/goals identification, characteristics of technologies available to meet students with disabilities needs and provide a general overview of learning disabilities and overview on assistive technology applications that address the needs of elementary students with disabilities.

Mr. Nabil Eid  presented ‘bridging’ digital divide between disabled and none disabled and the role of assistive technology in providing individuals to students with disabilities.

Also, the workshop addressed the challenges that ICT accessibility and Assistive Technology are facing by gaining more knowledge on the principles and fundamentals of assistive technology.

Please find album of the workshop on the link: