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ICT for Development Persons With Disabilities - ICT4DPWD   "Putting children with disabilities on the road to recovery"
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Opening computer room a through Ambassador of Netherlands and governor of Hama in SCHR
SCHR participated second time in exhibition of internet shows sites in Syria 2008
WEBIT Syria-2008

UNESCO People with Disabilities and ICT

Kurzweil 1000, Solutions for Blind Readers

New activities for Mental Retardation Children

Deaf-Mute and ICTs

Photos Speak Better than Words

Special Needs Education SNE - Learning Disability - EMH - EMR - CAI - Mentally Handicapped - Down Syndrome - Autistic - Educational Diagnosis Theory  
Help plant the seeds of hope

My vision about Blind and Visually Impairment - Nabil Eid


SCHR participated at the National Forum on Disability
 in Syria, 11-12- Dec, 2010, More details...

A New Day ….. A New Hope

AAMAL (Syrian Organisation for the Disabled)

Special visit to Studies Center for Handicapped Research (SCHR)
in Salamieh by Dr. Rami Khalil, Executive Director of Syrian
Organisation for the Disabled in Syria, and Mrs. Maria Rumman
As a member of AAMAL organization Click here for more details ...

 Workshop and training course on ICT and öAT for PwDs

The workshop organized by Salamieh Telecentre and collaboration with
Cerebral Palsy Association and Studies Centre for Handicapped Research
on 23-28 October 2010 in Salamieh, Syria. More info Click Here ...

Special visit to Friend of Disabled Association (FDA) in Lebanon
21-22 October 2010

The main objective of the meeting is to explain the importance of
Assistive Technology and ICT for children with intellectual disabilities
 through program ( Listen, Look, Think then Answer ).
More details click here  

Surprise visit to the Special Olympic-Latakia

A surprise visit by H.E President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Dr. Bashar al-Assad
and his wife, Mrs. Asmaa  Al-Assad to the training camp in Syrian Special Olympics.
details Click Here...
Education is possible where children with disabilities want to learn and develop.
DSRF in special visit to Salamieh, more details Click here...

Workshop on the Early Intervention for Disabled Families.

The national workshop was organized by
The Syrian Special Olympics Committee's and collaboration with SCHR , Click here....

Project CHILD

Children and the International Landscape of Disabilities

Voices from Around the World

This Report Prepared for The Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development (DIIFSD).

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development,  March 2010

Prepared by Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI) ,Texas A&M University.


Mosaic youth program had made a participation visit to the Studies Centre for Handicapped Research in Salameih.Click here for details


The First Arabic Conference on the Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disability."
It will be under the Patronage of Dr Ayasha Qaddafi UN Good Will Ambassador and Secretary General of Wa'etassimu Social Welfare Association in Libya. Click here for more details...


Inclusion International’s Millennium Development Goals:
Vision and Targets for 2015

Telecentres for Disabilities:
Bringing Hope Amid Despair

One of the disabled who was enrolled in one of the courses in Salamieh telecentre answered when asked why he is doing this course: “I want to show the world that though it may be true that I am disabled, I am not disqualified”.
Click here

Our Action plan 2009 for development children with disabilities through ICTs.
It is called a "Disabled but not Disqualified".
We will aim to achieve new and good strategy plan 2009 for disabled children  and become available to families and individuals with disabilities.
Click here

Telecentres for Disabilities
A group of people working together to promote and improve telecentres knowledge on ICTs development for people with disabilities.
Click here for joining us..

Special visitor
Prof. Dr. Matthias Weiter Regional development policy; Middle East
visited the SCHR Organization Click here...

collaboration with Institute" für Humangenetik der Universität Bonn "for Mental retardation" with Dr.med Rami Abou Jamra.for more details click here...


Inauguration day for opining computer Centrum to disabled people in SCHR, supporting by Netherlands embassy in Syria.

Read more details about SCHR project
and ICTs for Development in Special Needs Education

Global the Communication Initiative Network

Nabil Eid participate in:
11th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

SCHR finalist Stockholm Challenge Award
19 -22 May 2008
Challenge Week

In quest of crossing the barrier

Like every society that seeks to pro-vide care and rehabilitation for disabled persons, Syria needs dedicated people to assist those who are in need. At least one organization has emerged as a leader in this field, providing unique help for people with disabilities. Click here for details

On Friday 21st March 2008. (SCHR) Centre joyfully celebrated the Mother's Day.

- A talking library for the blind "Jeevan Mathew Kurian"

- SCHR participated second time in exhibition
  internet shows sites WEBIT Syria 2008

- ICT4D Rural Women Disabilities - Story Telling

- Rama Al Kasir girl with disability-championships

- Happy new year to our children with disabilities

- 3 Dec 2007 National plan on Rehabilitating Disabilities NPRD – Syria

- SCHR launched a new training program for mentally disabled children 1-10-2007
- Promote the use ICTs in SNE, Special Needs Education, the role and goal - Syria

- New programme for teaching Autism -Down Syndrome ,LD

- Together for accessibility: ICT for the blind and visually impaired... UNESCO

What is Orientation and Mobility training?

Statistics of disability in Syria

- ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh

- ICT in employment for people with disabilities

- Support for disabled parents

- Don't call me handicapped!

- Blind girls Pass the ICDL Exam with Arabic Hal Screen Reader

CONFERENCE & NEWS Persons with Disabilities 2008

- Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference
March 10-15, 2008 ~ Los Angeles, CA

- UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
19–22 May 2008 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Organized by UN
Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and Leonard Cheshire Disability

- USAAA 2008 Annual International , Autism and Asperger Conference, Austin, Texas, September 4-7, 2008

  Putting People with disabilities on the road to recovery


Disabled, But Not Disqualified

Happy new year 2009
Our children with disabilities, Happy New Year 2008
Rama Al Kasir and
 Her championships

 (SCHR) celebrated the Mother's Day2008.

Mother's Day 21-3-2008 in SCHR

Chairman of SCHR Organization ICT4D PWD

Case and exchange experience with the ePractice.eu

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