FAQs and Facts

How long has SCHR - CAI  been around?

The Studies Center for Handicapped Research - Computer Assisted Instruction
 was incorporated in 1993.

How many people work at SCHR?

SCHR  has approximately 50 full and part time employees and volunteers.

How many disabled people receive services from SCHR?

In 2005, 125 disabled people were served in SCHR various programs.
In 2006, 136 disabled were served in
SCHR various programs.
In 2007, 148 disabled were served in
SCHR various programs.

Types of Disabilities:
- Blind and Visually Impaired.
- Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disabilities.
- Physically, Motor Rehabilitation.
- Deaf - Mute.

Who uses SCHR services?

Any person who has a documented disability who could benefit from services.
SCHR serves primarily individuals   with developmental disabilities like blind and visually impaired, mental retardation, autism, and cerebral palsy.  People with motor rehabilitation, physical disabilities, and mental illness also receive another services.

How is SCHR funded?

CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction programs) are funded through personal donation, community center , reefnet Syria ICT4Develompment . United Nation Development Program UNDP, and ICTDAR program The various programs are funded in different ways.