Special visit to Friend of Disabled Association (FDA) in Lebanon, 21-22 October 2010

The main objective of the meeting is to explain the importance of Assistive Technology and ICT for children with intellectual disabilities through program ( Listen, Look, Think then Answer ).

Dr. Moussa Charafeddin, chairman of Friends of the Disabled Association and Mrs. Rita Merhej, Director of Idad Center, they had invited Mr.Nabil Eid, chairman of Studies Centre for Handicapped Research and Mr. Talal Al Katlabi to visit FDA center.

The Meeting was one of the many  activities of the Friend of Disabled Association (FDA) and Mosan Center in Tyre, (Sour), the meeting ensuring the importance of assistive technology and opportunities for connecting children with intellectual disabilities through ICT and AT.

Mr. Nabil presented the program for teaching of intellectual disabilities and explained the importance  of the program in Arabic language for teaching software to children with Intellectual disabilities and he assure that program suitable for local environments especially in Arab regional communities and any child with Intellectual Disability, Autism , Down's Syndrome , Learning Disabilities can benefit from this program. Also, he explained that program is tailor made to meet the needs of children with mild/moderate disabilities, who have learning disabilities and offering teachers and parents individualized (and growing) educational program to early intervention.
The participants from (FDA) and Mosan center attended the seminar and open discussion about the program.

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What about the Friend of Disabled Association

FDA has been a beacon of hope for PwDs
The Friend of Disabled Association (FDA) played a pioneering role in giving the right dimension to the need for the education and rehabilitation of children with different abilities.
By the same token, the Association managed to stimulate family counseling and public awareness as to the rights of every child to an appropriate education.
Simultaneously, Friends of the Disabled Association (FDA) engaged in promoting preventive measures, and the viability of early intervention became accepted concepts and, in the process, the Association helped families of disabled children to maintain their unity and integrity.
As well, Friends of the Disabled Association (FDA) was able to help the disabled persons to reach their full potentials through special programs and vocational training allowing them to become productive members in the community.
(FDA) is an independent non-profit and non-government organization. It was founded in year 1978 by a group of parents of children with mental disability. In 1982, prominent members of the society, who have long served destitute and disadvantaged families and children, joined in as members of the FDA.
FDA comprises two bodies:
the Board of Directors, and the General Assembly Members.
The members of the board are elected by the General Assembly every three years. The board is assisted by committees nominated by the elected office.
The Board of Directors represents and is officially responsible for running the FDA organization.
FDA's General Assembly is comprised of over 50% of parents and people with disability. As well as the parents constitute the majority of the Board of Directors.
The mission of the Friends of the Disabled Association is to meet the individual learning needs of children with disabilities in order to:

Identify and realize their potentials;

Develop skills and attitudes compatible with lifelong learning;

Provide scope and ability which will fit them for life;

Be involved in production to increase their social interaction with the community, and

Become knowledgeable, self-assured and productive citizens.

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For further information about FDA click on the link: