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Special Education Sites

    1. Special Education - BC - On-line Documents
      This site has several on-line resource documents for teachers.  Topics include: Visual Impairments, Hearing Loss, Gifted Education, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, etc.
    2. CEC ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
      ERIC EC gathers and disseminates the professional literature, information, and resources on the education and development of individuals of all ages who have disabilities and/or who are gifted.  This site has a wealth of information!
    3. Handitel Disability Database
      A comprehensive listing of disabilities and informative sites.  This is a searchable database.
    4. Integrated Network of Disability Information and Education
      This site has a searchable database with lots of information concerning disabilities.
    5. Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC)
      The IRSC web site has lots of information relating to the needs of children with disABILITIES.  It provides valuable information for anyone who interacts with children who have disABILITIES and acts as a central starting point for information and resources.
    6. Marc's Special Education Page
      This web site contains a lot of special education-related links. Be sure and check out the lesson plans page and the educational resources page.
    7. National Educational Service (NES) home page
      The National Educational Service provides resources to help those who work with youth create safe and caring schools, agencies, and communities where all children succeed.  Valuable information available here!
    8. National Information Center for Children and Youths
      NICHCY is the national information and referral center that provides      information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families,      educators, and other professionals. Their special focus is children and      youth (birth to age 22).
    9. National Transition Alliance Home Page
      This site has information concerning the transition of youth with disabilities toward desired postschool experiences, including gainful employment, postsecondary education and training, and independent living.
    10. SERI - Special Education Resources on the Internet
      Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI) is a collection of Internet accessible information resources of interest to those involved in the fields related to Special Education.
    11. SNOW: Special Needs Opportunity Windows
      SNOW (Special Needs Opportunity Windows) is a project aimed at supporting educators of students with special needs.  This web site serves as a clearinghouse of practical resources and curriculum materials, as a place for educators to meet and share ideas, and as a place for educators to develop their professional skills.
    12. Special and General Education Links
      The object of The Federal Resource Center for Special Education is to  improve the educational outcomes of students with disabilities.  This web site has numerous Special and General Education Links.
    13. Special Needs Education Network
      This site is from the Special Needs Education (SNE) project, an Internet service providing resources for parents, teachers, schools, and other professionals, individuals, groups, and organizations involved in the education of students with special needs.
    14. The BIG PAGES of Special Education Links
      A long list of sites (some annotated) dealing with Special Education.
    15. The Council for Exceptional Children
      The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for
      individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.
      This site will assist you in finding the information you need regarding exceptional children.
    16. The Instant Access Treasure Chest
      This is the Foreign Language Teacher's Guide to Learning Disabilities.  There are numerous links here for you to find information.
    17. Title: Intellectual Exceptionalities
      This site has links to may Special Education sites.  Each site is reviewed and given a rating as to its usefulness by the web page author.
    18. UVa Special Education Web Site
      This site has lots of information about Special Education: information about special education history, events, interventions, etc., resources on the Internet
      about special education and disability, links to information and resources arranged by categories of disability and information for parents of students who need special education.

Attention Deficit Disorder

    1. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
      Some excellent information here on this disorder from Internet Mental Health.
    2. A.D.D. WareHouse Online Catalog - Products for ADD
      Although this is a commercial site, there is a broad assortment of materials on ADD and related disorders.  Some on-line articles are here for you to browse as well.
    3. ADHDNews.Com
      ADD is filled with timely and valuable articles about medication, parent coaching, school, legal issues concerning special education and more!  There is also a free newsletter that is delivered to your e-mail address each month.
    4. Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
      The purpose of this organization and this site is to provide support and formation
      for children and adults with AD/HD.
    5. The Advantages of Being Dyslexic and ADD
      Some interesting information is available here, such as: LIVING WITH LEARNING DIFFERENCES: 61 EFFECTIVE COPING STRATEGIES AND POSITIVE     REINFORCEMENTS, IMMEDIATE STEPS TO TAKE to help your child and      yourself cope with living with Dyslexia and ADD, plus more

Behavior Exceptionalities

      The site provides a format that allows school personnel, parents, and other       professionals to gain access to information, to share effective practices, and to receive assistance concerning the full range of behavior problems and challenges displayed by children and youth in school and community settings, as well as other behavioral issues that may affect their success in school.   A wealth of information is available here!
    2. CEC Special Focus on Discipline
      This is a collection of current CEC articles and resources on topics of importance to special educators:  Discipline and Behavior Intervention.

Communication Learning Disabled

    1. Integra
      Integra is an accredited Children's Mental Health Centre located in Toronto, Canada.  This site has useful information here, such as Tips for Parents and Teens, publications, etc.
    2. LD OnLine: Learning Disabilities Resources
      Here teachers can discover new ways to assist struggling students within inclusive classrooms and parents can learn how to be their child's best
      advocate.   A wealth of information is here on many aspects of learning disabilities.
    3. Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
      This site is your gateway to the Canadian Learning Disabilities Associations located in each province and territory.
    4. Schwab Foundation for Learning
      This site provides direct access to experts on the web with the answers parents and teachers need about learning differences.  You will also find resources, information, guidance and answers to individual questions and concerns for parents and teachers of kids with learning differences.

Gifted/Talented Education

    1. Center for Gifted Education & Talent Development
      This site from The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT) has articles from the Newsletters,  some related sites in Education, and general information about this organization.
    2. Cooperative Learning
      An article on co-operative learning and why it doesn't always succeed with gifted students.
    3. CTDNet--The Center for Talent Development Network
      On the Web, the goal of The Center for Talent Development Network is to help you gain access to the resources you need on gifted education, from    preschool through highschool.
    4. Education Program for Gifted Youth
      The EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR GIFTED YOUTH offers computer-based multimedia distance learning with precollege courses in Mathematics, Physics, English, and Computer Science.  They are designed for highly able students.  There are programs for individuals and schools with instructional support.  These courses may lead to a Stanford University credit.
    5. ERIC Digest #E524 - Gifted Students
      An interesting article on how to get the best performance from every student.
    6. Gifted and Talented (TAG) Resources Home Page
      This page is intended to be a convenient starting point for gifted students, their parents and educators to access Gifted Resources, whether on the internet or otherwise.
    7. Gifted and Talented Students: Resources
      Numerous links to information about gifted education.
    8. Gifted Resources Distance Learning Page
      Here you will find distance learning opportunities particularly targeted to Gifted learners.
    9. Helping Your Highly Gifted Child
      This digest deals with some areas of concern and provides a few practical suggestions for helping your highly gifted child.
    10. Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth - Johns Hopkins University
      The Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth is a comprehensive,
      university-based initiative that promotes the academic ability of children and youth throughout the world.  At this site you will find information about their talent search, program opportunities, conferences, publications and other resources, the Diagnostic and Counseling Center, research and articles about the Study of Exceptional Talent (SET).
    11. Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education
      This web site contains many resources for Talented and Gifted children, their parents, and educators in Pennsylvania but some of the information is pertinent to educators worldwide.
    12. Pitsco's Launch to Gifted and Talented Resources
      Several links to excellent gifted and talented resources!
    13. Prufrock Press - Home Page
      Discover here the newest, most innovative products and information supporting the education of gifted and talented children. Prufrock Press'
      web site provides teachers and parents of gifted children a comprehensive online education resource!
    14. TAG Family Network
      This Web site contains current information on gifted education with links to many other world wide sites of interest to parents, educators and children.
    15. Ten Tips For Parents of Gifted Students
      This is one of the many articles available at the Talented and Gifted Family Network site.
    16. What Works!
      Another interesting article available at the Talented and Gifted Family Network site.

Hearing Impairment

    1. About American Sign Language
      This site has information about ASL Linguistics, ASL as a foreign language
      Learning ASL and ASL Educational Programs, and ASL Dictonaries.
      A comprehensive list of sites available on the Internet for information about Deaf and Hearing Impaired.
    3. Deaf World Web
      Deaf World Web is the largest, leading deaf web site that I have found.  It provides the most comprehensive list of deaf-related resources on the Internet.
    4. The Deaf Resource Library
      The Deaf Resource Library is an online collection of reference material and links intended to educate and inform people about Deaf cultures in Japan and the United States; as well as deaf and hard of hearing related topics.

Visual Impairment

      A good source of links to information about the blind and visually impaired.
    2. National Federation of the Blind
      Lots of information here about this organization and the many services that they provide.
    3. The Canadian National Institute for the Blind
      Lots of information here about this organization and the many services that they provide.
    4. WEB Server for the Visually Handicapped
      A wondefful, comprehensive list of resources on the web with information on the visually handicapped.

Other Disabilities

    1. Center for the Study of Autism
      The Center for the Study of Autism (CSA) is located in the Salem/Portland, Oregon area. The Center provides information about autism to parents and professionals, and conducts research on the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions.  This Web page was developed to provide information on various topics related to or about autism.
    2. Cure Autism Now
      The Cure Autism Now Foundation is an organization of parents, clinicians and scientists dedicated to finding effective biological treatments,         prevention and a cure for autism and related disorders. Information here about current research and other resources.
    3. Dyslexia
      A lot of information here about this often misunderstood disorder.
    4. Family Village
      Here you will find information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with cognitive and other disabilities, for their families, and for those that provide them services and support.
    5. International Dyslexia Association
      The International Dyslexia Association is an international, non-profit
      organization dedicated to the study and treatment of the learning disability, dyslexia.   This site has lots of information about the association and dyslexia.
    6. Teens vs. dyslexia and learning disabilities
      A web page designed by dyslexic teens - to help teens.  Lots of information is available here.
    7. The National Down Syndrome Society
      This is a comprehensive, on-line information source about Down syndrome.

Portfolio Assessment

    1. Assessment
      From Instructor magazine, this site has a wealth of information on all aspects of assessment.
      This site will give you instructions on how to compile a list that will bring together all of the various assessment strategies placed in the portfolio for a given math concept.
    3. Authentic Portfolios
      This article covers the topics of why to keep Authentic Portfolios, how to get started, suggested software, suggested hardware and references .
    4. Building A Portfolio Learning Environment
      This site has how to's, examples, definitions, etc. for you to access.
    5. Electronic Portfolio Home Page
      This site has links to examples of electronic research portfolios.
    6. Instructor - The Power of Portfolios
      An informative article on portfolios including how to get started, communicating with parents, what to include, etc.
    7. Instructor - "Help Students Develop Standards for Evaluating Their Work"
      A teacher describes how he guided his students to develop their own standards for evaluating their work and decide what goes into their portfolios.
    8. Instructor- Measuring Student Progress
      This article answers several questions from What do we mean by assessment as opposed to grading to?how do we explain it all to
    9. Landing A Teaching Job - A Guide to Your Teaching Portfolio
      Lots of information here to get you started on compiling your own teaching portfolio.
    10. MATTHEW GILBERT - Writing Portfolios
      How one school uses writing portfolios across the curriculum to improve students' writing skills.
    11. Portfolio Assessment
      Another good article on the why and how of using portfolios.
      A description of a video about the use of portfolios in Engluish assessment.  It may be a source you would like to add to your professional library.
    13. Reflective Assessment: Portfolios in Engineering Courses
      How one college uses portfolios in the Engineering Department.
    14. Self-Assessment In Portfolios
      How to use portfolios in reading in an attempt to make literature more challenging, integrated and meaningful for students.
      Another great how to article.
    16. Teaching Portfolio
      How Washington State University makes use of teaching portfolios.