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A Brief History of the Disability Movement

Movement Disabilities Students

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 A Brief History of the Disability Movement

 There are more people with disabilities in the world. Historically, the condition of having a disability has been viewed as tragic. Through ignorance and fear, people with disabilities were typically labeled beggars or indigents. The word “handicap” itself is said to derive from “cap in hand,” an activity familiarly associated with panhandling.

By the 19th century, it was common for people with disabilities to be institutionalized, and they were looked upon as patients or clients who needed curing. This practice had the effect of excluding people with disabilities from the larger society and implied that something was inherently and permanently wrong with them.

Movement Disabilities Students

 Motor Learning and Performance and computer learning, providing valuable supporting literature and current research results. The project shows students how to apply the principles of motor learning and performance in a variety of real-computer systems, including teaching, coaching, the design of performer-friendly equipment and work environments, rehabilitation, and everyday motor skill learning. Readers will gain a practical model for finding solutions to a wide range of problems.

a conceptual model of human performance with a problem-based learning approach. Students will learn on computer by doing to identify solutions that encompass many of the problems encountered when teaching and E- learning motor skills.

 Motor Rehabilitation project in SCHR

Motor Rehabilitation project in SCHR is institute research  and technology development , this project aimed at developing quality teaching and training of post-graduate specialists in Motor Disability Assessment.. The aim is to offer to the world  professionals involved in Motor Disability Assessment both a complete degree and a number of courses on Computer application  in a Life Long Learning context as a mean for upgrading their skills in the line of good practice dissemination and standardization. The outcome of the project is a Web-based Open and Distance Learning system usable by students, according to suitable tutoring pathways and schedules. The project also implemented multimedia databases of context-based experiences provided by recognized practitioners. These results have been obtained through co-operation among academic and industrial actors for the production of course materials and for the exploitation and adaptation of the remote delivery system. The results of the project.


 This project will strengthen the leadership of the disability movement, over the long-term, by creating and evaluating different models of leadership development and by sharing information about how to use successful models. It will also provide opportunities for young, emerging, and/or potential leaders to develop their leadership potential. And finally, it will engage the disability community in discussing and reflecting on leadership.



 Phase One is research on the current state of leadership in disability community. Phase Two consists of four pilot projects that provide opportunities for leadership development in the disability community. Phase Three is an evaluation of the outcomes of the pilot projects in Phase Two.

PHASE ONE: Gathering our wisdom and learning from our experiences

Deliverables: A key feature of this project is to engage the disability community in a conversation on leadership.

PHASE Two: Creating new opportunities for leadership development The project will initiate four pilot projects that will enable different aspects of leadership development including: motivating, mentoring, internships and exchange.

 PHASE THREE: Evaluating pilot projects and sharing new knowledge about leadership development

Deliverables: This phase is aimed specifically at evaluation and knowledge dissemination of the project.

Evaluating this project will be an on-going process as described in phases one and two. During phase three, the project team will bring together the evaluations and discussions on-going in the project - from the general discussions on the website, the focused conversations with targeted leaders, and a formal participant interview 4 months after completion of the Mentorship/Internship experience.

 Leadership workshop

Opportunity to build and develop leadership skills

Opportunity to identify their strengths, talents & develop a Leadership Plan

Opportunity to build networks with business & community leaders & with peers through mentorship's

Increased literacy with leading-edge software e-learning technology

This exciting national study will stimulate and develop leadership in the disability community.

 ICT4 Disability Movement Students.

The aim of the SCHR-CAI- project is build up knowledge and competence, investigating how ICT can be used to give disabled people a greater chance of an independent life with meaningful work and leisure time and developing opportunities for greater independence, for example how functions in the home could be automated or controlled by people with severe disabilities. We wish to show how ICT can facilitate working and learning at home, to create interest in ICT solutions for the benefit of disabled people, and to demonstrate needs for new technology, serving as a source of inspiration for users as well as for people working with assistive devices. Development of solutions and assistive devices will be stimulated in co-operation with manufacturers.

New courses in SCHR-CAI for motor rehabilitation and movement disability students to develop their skills by use different computer programs. The skills content are based on the system and application programs. The skills content cover:

1-Using a computer and File-managing,

2-Word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation graphics, Graphics i.e. a drawing program.

3-Digital photographing and editing, Information search and communication on the Internet.

4-Using a web browser and e-mail. Each section is divided into three levels of difficulty.

Level 1 teaches basics.

Level 2 expands basic skills and gives the abilities to use a program independently.

Level 3 develops special skills. A student can receive an ICT Certificate for each level in the sections separately. SCHR center training model also includes exercises, evaluation forms and web service and E-learning environment.



  Links for Motor Rehabilitation

Independent Living

§         California State Independent Living Council - works to maximize the opportunities for independence for persons with disabilities through enhancement of a system of independent living services.

§         Center for An Accessible Society - designed to focus public attention on disability and independent living issues by disseminating information to promote independent living.

§         Champions - physically challenged individuals who live together and share expenses.

§         Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL) - information for and about the 22 Centers for Independent Living (CIL) across Illinois.

§         Independent Life Resources - resources for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and the homebound. Features directories, articles, news, program materials, and a consulting service.

§         Independent Living - news, views, products and advice aimed at living a more independent life, for the elderly and less physically able, carers, and care professionals.

§         Independent Living Centre of WA - provides impartial, expert advice on equipment, building and design, access, and resources for people with disabilities.

§         Independent Living Council - advocates for the inclusion of people with disabilities in society.

§         Independent Living Research Utilization - ILRU - national center for information ,training, research, and technical assistance in independent living.

§         Independent Living USA - independent living and disability issues. With links to the best disability websites from aids to z.

§         Institute on Independent Living - allows free publishing for articles, reports, announcements about personal assistance, peer support, advocacy, accessibility and disability rights.

§         Northern Virginia Training Center - NVTC is a Commonwealth of Virginia training center for the mentally retarded.

§         Southern Indiana Resource Solutions (SIRS) - advocating full inclusion and self-determination for persons with disabilities.

§         Texas State Independent Living Council - promotes both the philosophy of independent living and the expansion of quality, consumer-directed programs statewide. Includes news, issues, and contacts.

§         Through the Looking Glass - community nonprofit organization which emerged from the disability independent living movement in 1982.

§         Toward Independent Living & Learning - serving individuals with disabilities by providing a range of services throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Independent  Living Centers

§         Access Center for Independent Living - Dayton, Ohio - mission is to ensure that people with disabilities have full and complete access to the community in which they reside.

§         Alpha One - Maine - dedicated to developing independent living opportunities for citizens with disabilities.

§         Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres (CAILC/ACCVA) - national umbrella organization seeking to enable persons with disabilities.

§         Center for Independent Living - Berkeley, CA - helping people with disabilities live independently and become productive, fully participating members of society.

§         Central Iowa Center for Independent Living - community based, nonprofit, non-residential program serving persons with disabilities.

§         Centre for Independent Living - Glasgow, Scotland - first stop of information on independent living and finding a personal assistant.

§         Community Resources for Independence (CRI) - Erie, PA - offers services that enable people with disabilities to expand their options, pursue their goals, and achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

§         Donegal Cheshire Apartments - Donegal, Ireland - independent living accommodation for people with disabilities.

§         Doorway To Life - providing a hostel, day center, and independent living services to people with physical disabilities.

§         Endependence Center, Inc - Norfolk, VA - assists persons with disabilities to lead independent, productive lives.

§         Foundation of Resources for Equality and Employment for the Disabled (FREED) - Grass Valley, CA - nonprofit Independent Living Resource Center whose goal is to empower people with disabilities.

§         Four Rivers Resource Services

§         Illinois Valley Center For Independent Living - assists people with disabilities via volunteers, personal assistants, and other means.

§         Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley - Troy, NY - independent living center providing services to a wide range of populations.

§         Independent Living Centre NSW - provides information and advice on equipment to help people with disabilities in activities of daily living.

§         Independent Living Centre of Queensland - community organisation providing information and professional advice for people with disabilities to aid independent living.

§         Independent Living Centre of WA - provides impartial, expert advice on equipment, building and design, access, and resources for people with disabilities.

§         Independent Living Centre South Australia - information on equipment to assist people with disabilities in everyday activities.

§         Independent Living Centre Tasmania - provides information and services for people with disabilities, the aged, their careers, and service providers.

§         Independent Living Centre Victoria - aims to enhance the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities.

§         Kenai Peninsula Independent Living Center - Homer, AK - goal is to assist individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible in their homes and communities.

§         Lakeshore Center For Independent Living - Holland, MI - promotes personal initiative and pride among those with disabilities, fostering an integrated community of people who remove barriers to full participation.

§         Minnesota Association of Centers for Independent Living - information about the eight Centers for Independent Living (CILs) in Minnesota.

§         North Coast Community Homes - Cleveland, Ohio - develops community based housing for persons with mental retardation, mental illness, and other disabilities.

§         North country Independent Living Foundation - North Conway, NH - long and short term support for people with a brain injury.

§         Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL) - provides community-based services to people with disabilities to promote independence, community integration, and empowerment.

§         Paraquad - independent living center which provides online information about programs and services.

§         San Antonio Independent Living Services [SAILS] - providing various employment resources and other services to assist persons with disabilities in maintaining the highest level independent living possible.

§         SMILES - Center for Independent Living - Minnesota - nonprofit, non-residential serving people with disabilities in a nine county region of South Central Minnesota.

§         Topeka Independent Living Resource Center - private, nonprofit, consumer-controlled, and community-based organization providing services and advocacy by and for persons with all types of disabilities.

§         Westside Center for Independent Living (WCIL) - Los Angeles, CA - enables people with disabilities and seniors to live more independent, self supporting, and satisfying lives.


§         A.J. Pappanikou Center for Developmental Disabilities - teaching, research, and training for services and support for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

§         Center on Human Policy - Syracuse University - organization that offers information that concentrates on research and advocacy in regard to integrating people with disabilities in the community.

§         Connecticut Institute for the Blind/Oak Hill - providing children and adults with multiple disabilities the opportunity to live, learn and work in the community.

§         Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center - not-for-profit service, training and research institute with a focus on developmental disabilities.

§         Institute for the Study of Developmental Disabilities (ISDD) - provides leadership that enables communitites to include, support, and empower people with disabilities.

§         Institute on Disability and Human Development - research, education, and exemplary service programs.

§         Intelicus - University of Florida partnership providing education and products for today's healthcare professional.

§         Interwork Institute - collection of rehabilitation and special education projects aimed toward disability issues.

§         John F. Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development - Vanderbilt University - conducts research, training, and information dissemination on behavioral, intellectual, and brain development.

§         Matheny School & Hospital - describes this facility's innovative blend of services for persons with severe physical disabilities of a developmental nature and its research programs.

§         Monash University - Centre for Developmental Disability Health

§         N. Neal Pike Institute on Law and Disability

§         National Institute of Disability Management and Research - cooperative venture between employers and trade unions which conducts research and education directed towards re-integrating disabled workers into the work place.

§         Oregon State University - Science Access Project - developing methods for making science, math, and engineering information accessible to people with print disabilities.

§         Portland State University - Research and Training Center on Fam Support & Children's Mental Health - conducting research and providing training for families of children with emotional and/or behavioral disorders.

§         Rick Hansen Institute - aims to remove barriers that limit people with disabilities from reaching their full potential and to help find a cure for paralysis. Includes information on Hansen, the wheelchair athlete, author, and co-founder of the institute.

§         Temple University - Institute on Disabilities/UAP - supports people with disabilities in their pursuit of interdependence, contribution, and inclusion through training, technical assistance, research, dissemination, and advocacy.

§         University of Alberta - offers fitness and lifestyle programs, health, wellness, recreation and research for people with physical disabilities.

§         University of Arkansas University Association for DisAbility Awareness

§         University of Iowa - Division of Developmental Disabilities - Iowa resource for individuals families, and professionals, with information on a range of disability issues, such as self-advocacy and current events, as well as on specific conditions.

§         University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability - provides information to improve knowledge, policy, and practice related to including people with disabilities in the fabric of communities.

§         University of Toronto - Adaptive Technology Resource Centre - research and consultation in the areas of assistive technology and information infrastructures

§         University of Washington - Center for Disability Policy and Research - includes mission, staff, reports, and projects done by the CDPR on disability issues

§         Utah State University - Center for Persons with Disabilities 

Physical Therapy

§         Amputee Phantom Pain Relief with Farabloc - Farabloc is an alternative medicine approach to phantom pain management and sports injury muscle pain relief.

§         Institute of Physical Art, Inc. - offers post-graduate continuing education courses in functional manual therapy and movement re-education.

§         Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science (IPTAS) - Irish school of physical therapy, providing courses that include an introduction to massage and a five-year degree.

§         International Clinical Educators, Inc - continuing education for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation fields.

§         Boston University NeuroMuscular Research Center - Fields of Biomed Engineering, Neuroscience, Rehab Medicine, and related fields

§         Center of Rehabilitation Engineering Research - Lund University - engaged in research, development, learning/education and information in the field of (re)habilitation technology.

§         Community Rehabilitation - University of Calgary

§         Northwestern Rehabilitation Engineering and Prosthetics Orthotic Center

§         Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Aging with a Disability - studies health and emotional needs of persons with disabling conditions including cerebral palsy, rheumatoid arthritis, early-onset stroke, post-polio, and spinal cord injury.

§         Stanford University - Rehabilitation Engineering Center

§         University of Delaware - Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories - addresses human-computer interaction and engineering design.

§         University of New South Wales Prosthetics and Orthotics Programs - offering professional training in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

§         University of Pittsburgh

§         University of Sydney - Rehabilitation Research Centre

§         West Virginia Rehabilitation Research and Training Center - An information resource for vocational rehabilitation and disability issues.


§         About Cerebral Palsy - Find out about cerebral palsy disease, types of cerebral palsy, and ask doctor if you are eligible for lifetime benefits. Free evaluation.

§         Autism Research Unit - based at the University of Sunderland in the North East of England

§         Center for Paralysis Research - founded to develop clinically applicable treatments for spinal cord injury.

§         Center for the Study of Autism - provides information about autism to parents and professionals, and conducts research on the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions

§         Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury - Cerebral Palsy, also known as Little's disease or static encephalopathy, is really a group of chronic disorders impairing control of movement that appear in the first few years of life, Learn more...

§         Chemo Chicks - offers a comprehensive outlet of practical, innovative and uplifting products, helpful resources and simple solutions to women undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and related treatments.

§         The Constipation Resource Center - Provides information on constipation and its treatments. Contains over forty articles on constipation and colon cleansing.

§         Craig Hospital - Rocky Mountain Regional Spinal Injury System - specialized in spinal cord injury and brain injury rehabilitation.

§         Custom Medical Identification - provides free emergency medical id wallet cards that may be generated on the computer keyboard and updated as needed, also provide affordable medical id jewelry and other emergency medical products

§         Easter Seals - A nation-wide program that provides services for children and adults with disabilities/special needs.

§         Facilitated Communication Institute - offers articles, abstracts and other information related to facilitated communication, a method of assisting people who cannot speak to communicate through typing.

§         Geneva Centre for Autism - training, resources, and support for individuals with Autism/PDD and their communities.

§         Headcovers Unlimited - Offers products for patients who are living with hair loss, including hats, wigs, turbans and sleeping caps.

§         International Spinal Cord Regeneration Center

§         Miami Project to Cure Paralysis - spinal cord injury research center dedicated to finding a cure for paralysis.

§         Midwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury Care System - comprehensive website for spinal cord research and trauma. A partnership between Northwestern University, Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

§         Neurotrauma Registry - is an online national directory of brain and spinal cord injury programs, professionals and community resources.

§         Profound Health - Learn about men's and women's health, nutrition and fitness, and various conditions and disorders through our range of articles, links, publications and resources.

§         Rick Hansen Institute - aims to remove barriers that limit people with disabilities from reaching their full potential and to help find a cure for paralysis. Includes information on Hansen, the wheelchair athlete, author, and co-founder of the institute.

§         Santa Clara Valley Medical Center - TBI and SCI Projects - model system of care projects. Helping individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries.

§         Sensory Resources - Resources for raising children with sensory motor, developmental, and social-emotional challenges

§         Spinal Cord Research Centre - provides information about the research underway at the Spinal Cord Research Centre

§         Spinal Injuries Association UK - representing those whose lives are affected by paralysis and promoting full integration into society.

§         University of California, Irvine - Reeve-Irvine Research Center - dedicated to the study of spinal cord injury and disease that result in paralysis or other neurological dysfunction.

§         W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience and the Spinal Cord Injury Project (SCI Project) - encompasses the research program devoted to care and cure of spinal cord injury. Established by Dr. Wise Young.

Occupational Therapy

§         Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners - offers content relevant to occupational therapy practitioners, including job listings, practice management, reimbursement, marketing, and regulatory information.

§         Occupational Therapist.com - occupational therapist listings and employment opportunities in the us. free posting & email addresses available for qualified professionals.

§         American Occupational Therapy Association - information for consumers and practitioners of occupational therapy.

§         American Occupational Therapy Foundation - offers scholarships, research grants, bibliographic databases, the Occupational Therapy Journal of Research, and the Doctoral Network.

§         Florida Occupational Therapy Association - information includes educational programs, continuing education, legislative activities, and more.

§         Indiana Occupational Therapy Association (IOTA) - dedicated to the education and advancement of local occupational therapy professionals.

§         Occupational Therapy Association of Hawaii(OTAH) - provides therapy information, directory of committee members, and links to related resources and employment opportunities.

§         Ohio Occupational Therapy Association - offers continuing education, legislative information, networking and news to occupational therapy practitioners in Ohio.

§         Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association (TOTA) - promotes occupational therapy while protecting and educating practitioners and consumers.

§         Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. - legislative activities, continuing education, district activities and initiatives dealing with occupational therapy.

§         Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association - dedicated to the improvement and advancement of occupational therapy.

§         SLACK Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Internet Directory - a catalog of ot and pt internet resources

Recreational Therapy