On Friday 21st March 2008. (SCHR) Centre joyfully celebrated the Mother's Day.
Happy new year 2008 to our children with disabilities - Hand By Hand
3 Dec 2007 - National plan on Rehabilitating Disabilities NPRD – Syria
Computer Training Center - CTC  in Damascus -Syria . Train young people with motor disabilities
Life for Relief & Development – incorporation with SETI Center-Egypt Holds Training Course
for the workers with the Autistic children.September 17-9-2006 -19-9-2006.

Massar Project for special needs children in Syria- Salamieh
Blind and Visually Impaired in Syria 
New course for Mental retardation students  
New Volunteers for Mental Retardation Program
New Success Stories for Special Needs... Click here
Alard Center - Mentally Disabled Persons/Syria
      ICTARB Information & Communication Technology in Arab Region for Blind                 

ICTARB knowledge exists in people's minds. Knowledge is empowering while a lack of knowledge is weakening. Knowledge enables   people to think, analyze and better understand situations as well as the links and effects of actions they take. Knowledge allows people to form their own opinions and then to act and change their conditions, leading to a better quality of life. Knowledge flows and emerges where it gets recognized, enriched and valued; and ICTs can make it flow more rapidly.

Therefore, knowledge is a cornerstone of human development. This is why, the UNDP Regional Program, ICTDAR, was established in Cairo in October 2003. It was designed to assist Arab States in the use of ICT by reducing poverty and to both improve public administration as well as private sector performance. Covering all Arab countries, ICTDAR’s main aims include: Raising awareness through campaigns to promote development, participation, capacity development and strategy implementation. It also aims to help the poor by generating employment. ICTDAR is “human development” driven through the active use of ICT to build, develop and sustain the acquisition of knowledge and its usage.


Blind people in the Arab region are less likely to attend regular schools and universities and therefore ICTARB would help them become successful contributors to their society. In addition, computer literacy is low, making integration of the visually impaired youth into the labor market, a challenging job. This is due to many reasons but one of the most important is the lack of appropriate tools and programs. However even when these do exist, they are often out-dated and do not meet the current market requirements. Blind students suffer from a lack of sufficient academic learning materials as well as good training and support.

ICT is therefore a powerful tool for empowering disabled people. ICTARB is an initiative that aimed at offering the Arab blind and visually impaired a unique chance to become a useful part of their society, as well as to assist them with job opportunities. The importance of ICTARB relates to the high percentage of the visually impaired in the Arab region, which need to become productive by improving their skills and enabling them to find jobs.

But the question was – how?

ICTARB provided computers software programs specially designed for them. These programs allowed access to knowledge through a specialized library, which was, and still is a unique opportunity for the visually impaired to become more active instead of more isolated. ICTARB’s ultimate aim is to empower these young disabled individuals and to improve their knowledge, develop their skills and consequently address unemployment by generating jobs and business opportunities just like other young people.

ICTARB has allowed these young individuals to use specialized computer software programs, which in turn provides them with access to knowledge and gives them the “power” to think and use knowledge successfully.

Based on this model, the initiative has provided centers, which have a special section that offers speech to text facilities.

The Overall Initiative Objectives were:

- To empower blind individuals and improve their quality of life by enabling them to communicate with others

- To achieve equal employment opportunities for both the visually and partially impaired, through enabling them to use computers and share information by networking.

- To achieve equal employment opportunities for both the visually and partially impaired, through enabling them to use computers and share information by networking.

- To support educational institutions and community centers in acquiring advanced IT Braille equipment and undertake well-conducted training for visually impaired people. This should build their capacity and skills and provide them with better business opportunities.

Project Description

ICTDAR aimed to implement a National Excellence Center in all Arab countries. Whilst ICTARB is currently implemented in schools and Community Access Centers, the National Center has supported the rollout and generalization of ICT for blind facilities.

ICTARB Activities

- Ongoing “training the Trainers” programme to assure the quality of material provided

- Converting the Arabic, English and French educational curriculum into Braille through the use of Braille printers

- Supporting educational, vocational and cultural independence and providing a constant stream of scientific and cultural data for the blind through Internet

- Organizing a regional conference to evaluate the social and economic impact of ICT on the blind people in the Arab region

- Provision of technical equipment
for more information about project please find website:


New course for Mental retardation students

•Teaching Mental Retardation ( Special Needs Education)  for more information CLICK HERE...
Book : 200 pages size 17×21 cm
CD-ROM :1 CD capacity 600 M.Byte
50 pages of records and files for learning disability children, that  include tables  with program for analysis evaluation level.
Preliminary training : 7 Groups , 900 Pages include all picture such as, animals , foods , relations , arithmetic........
The program studies improving the memory of mentally handicapped by more 1000 questions and prompting, shaping, Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
The program is supported with sound effects.
This new program is at the local and international Arabic levels ,
This program is used in many handicapped institutes. It has a curriculum for 2 years.







Life for Relief & Development – incorporation with SETI Center-Egypt Holds Training Course for the workers with the Autistic children

September 17-9-2006 -19-9-2006.

Support Education Training for Inclusion – SETI.

Training Course: Workers with the Autistic children.

Lecturer: Dr. Doaa Abd Al Latef – Dr. Ilham Kalsoum.

Place: Syria - Damascus –Carlton Hotel.
The Organization of life for Relief and Development in collaboration with Caritas Egypt and the Center City for training and studies in disability established a training session on unification Autism
From 9-17-2006 and continue until the 9-19-2006.
In order to give trainers background on unification and some skills to work with autism children and unite session included a series of goals knowledge, skills and goals overreaction and the program included the following:

Sunday 9-17-2006 :

1- Acquaintance and the Center City training programs. Dr. / Ilham Kalthoum.

2- The definition and classification and diagnosis of autism. Dr. / Doaa Abdul Latif.

3- Explaining the features and associated problems. Dr. / Doaa Abdul Latif

4- Workshop applications, "noted feature" video. Dr. / Doaa Abdul Latif

On Monday, 9-18-2006 :

1- Assessment of children with unification (video). Dr. / Doaa Abdul Latif.

2-Behavior modification principles and foundations. Dr. / Ilham Kalthoum.

3-The preparation programs and activities. Dr. / Doaa Abdul Latif.

4-Working with the family and networking. Dr. / Ilham Kalthoum.

On Tuesday, 9-19-2006 :

1- Behavior modification for the sake of collective action and study the cases. Dr. / Ilham Kalthoum

 2- Workshop programs and activities. Dr. / Doaa Abdul Latif.

3- Workshop applications. ( Children) Dr. / Doaa Abdul Latif.

4- General discussion.

5- Conclusion and assessment.

6- Extradition certificates to the trainees in the session

After completion of the session were handed certificates of the trainees in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Anwar Kasim / Director of the Regional Bureau for the Organization of life and relief for the Development of Syria-Damascus.

The Studies Center for Handicapped Research thanks for the great life of the Organization for Relief and Development-through the regional office in Damascus and call for attending the training course was to attend and we are honored to communicate with this important session. The attendance of the session by Nabil Eid, chairman of board of directors of the Center for Studies and Research disabled and Mr. Talal Katalbi.  


Part of the elements of the training course  workers with young children with Autism


Mr. Anwar Mohammed Kasim Director of the Regional Bureau for Life for Relief and Development in Syria With Dr. / Ilham Kalthoum and  Dr. / Doaa Abdul Latif  supervision and follow-up during the training course.


Massar Project for special needs children in Syria-Salamieh
Studies Center for Handicapped Research - SCHR

The integration of people with special needs as part of Project
The meeting was attended : Ms. Dina Sheikh Al Shabab
Deputy Director General of the project
Engineer Zuhair Abbisi / Director tours in the project
Engineer Nabil  Eid / network knowledge-rural status - Salamieh

Introduction :

The draft strengthens and develops the special needs children / track / vision and the possibilities Needed to face the future by giving children and young people the opportunity to discover, experience, Creativity, challenge and discuss issues tomorrow complex. Are encouraged children and young people to learn more about themselves, their community and the world around them and develop the behavior and attitudes of citizenship .
That what distinguishes the project and makes it unique is its focus on building awareness and understanding of the responsibilities Social at children and young people and not just provide them with the knowledge .

The draft Syrian children

Syria submitted a draft children in collaboration with the network of rural knowledge-based Center for peaceful two hours of special events for children with special needs between 4-15 years in all categories (disability-visual-motor disability, mental disability) in the Arab Cultural Center in a peaceful and will be held on Thursday, August 10, 2006

Considering that the basic idea The project is based on the exploratory Embosoms children, which includes the various actors And through the experience of activities designed to be enjoyable for children and we can integrate children with special needs in the effectiveness and through a careful balance between fun The knowledge and the promotion of imagination, listening, creativity and exploration, and to think for some categories of disabled children This experiment was the ethical message reflects the ideals of humanity. Those ideals, which is considered an integral part of the community and what is going on in the aspects of genetic factors.

This humanitarian heritage of democracy believe the intrinsic value of each individual regardless of their abilities or lack of them in his personality, and despite the fact that this experience complex, but our beautiful lighting programs and place them within the rehabilitation of the disabled in place and priority in the natural human development programs and knowledge.

Mention :

If the child's growth in his abilities and intelligence activities are mainly lead to the development of children's intelligence and help them to think quickly and systematic scientific acumen and the ability to innovate.

Entry to the tent and listen to the story and control of children with disabilities

The narrative of the story :

The narrative storytelling presented by the Green members of the team very well and made a beautiful driving, This added to disabled children in a kind of sensitivity tasting Jamal was positive responses both by type of disability and mental capability, which manifested itself in that moment.

Fiction :

During the story suddenly there was silence and even handicapped children who suffer from hyperactivity and inability to the story in spite of its simplicity it is involved in on the contents of ethical positive and managed to raise their concerns. late feelings and delicate and thin, especially when (the visually handicapped and activist), it was considered merely a grain processing disabled child's mind and intellect to the stage of the imagination, especially when raised and lured to make their minds work and stories I think that develop mental capacity of our children, which love and imagination, beauty, and human values are important turning point in who they were.

The views of children with special needs (visually disabled)

Twin Brother aTamer and Leith (Visually Impaired)

Tamer : "This is the opinion of order has been transferred as clerks and expressing his opinion through the screen reader  without any action even correcting spelling errors that he wrote:

We have had a new experiment of its kind in the course of the draft cooperation with the Center for peaceful community where the youths started with a little story containing meaningful terms triumph of reason over force and then moved to the archaeologist and review of how to extract the old veterans and our ancestors knew that the tools used in those times.

And many have benefited from the experience they are excellent for people with special needs, and I hope that these repeated visits to be useful and entertaining and enjoyable at the same time and enjoyed much to learn from people who have a sense of humor and a great ethic they brought cheer and joy to children with special needs who are in dire Hajj e for these activities and I am pleased to know the many rites and receipt of a certificate of appreciation from them.

Leith : This is the view of Leith has been transferred as clerks, in which it expressed the view through the screen reader without any action even correcting spelling errors that he wrote:

How was this beautiful day, where he was extremely helpful, but we must not say that it is most useful. , But was happy, it obtained a document like a certificate. Proving that I participated in this activity with the youth of course.

In order for this activity is of benefit, we hope more will be repeated again.

Because we benefited from this activity, where we talked story of a laughing stock and it shows the wisdom of a healthy mind that the most powerful weapon in the universe and we got the relics used by many of our ancestors Arabs.

How was I am overjoyed to meet with each other because we have learned to use our head when properly object to any problem and not rush and use our grasp, solve problems and discuss things

It was noted by Joe tent enjoyable and the idea of implementing the beautiful children sighted this Magalth me my mother with me in the tent for me, it Stmtatta voices and the way tradition personalities story Cooney good at this method as I can Akld all heard him and wish to participate in these activities to express this talent Cooney Causa Vova and perfected the music and computers.

Views :

Haifa Algeragli-volunteer in the intellectual development of Down's Syndrome and learning difficulties SCHR

Accompanied children (Marah Ashour - Ghaith Hamada) of the Down's Syndrome children during the course of activity.

This experience for children with disabilities and a new kind of successful children know, the new atmosphere and listen to the story in a new and beautiful 0 enjoyed it and gained them something new and useful This experience closer to children with disabilities because they have been involved in the game and activities that require participation mental and motor e (playing skills). This experience has earned them the confidence and comfort and joy because there are some children who are not receiving adequate care from parents and non-participation in such activities as other children of others (sound).

The collection of children with special needs, communicating with each other in one activity Hams with the passage of time, affection and love among themselves and helps them to reintegrate them in society better.

It is better to have a network of rural knowledge and through the Center for Studies and Research disabled some of the special activities such as the activities carried out by the group. This is the personal view.

Rasha Afarah-volunteer in the intellectual development of Down's Syndrome and learning difficulties SCHR

Accompanied children (Yazan Ayyash - Muhannad Zeino) of the children learning difficulties-hyperactivity and inability attention during the course of the activity.

This activity for children with special needs and mental activity code Hams some of the knowledge, skills and personal view of this experience was good and useful story has been told to them was simple and enjoyable coincided with the thinking and show that through some of the participants of children with disabilities in terms of suspension or interjection Hence emerged uh Mia this experience in stimulating the imagination and courage to participate and dealing with new people without fear or shame. As for the game of searching for the idea was also very good through Merakpti of the child Yazan Ayyash, Muhanad Zeino for some children with their escort has enjoyed this game and benefited showed the child's ability to patience and endurance through research in the sand and had to show joy at finding a game either Shah birth obtained added to the excitement and joy greater if they got a treasure.

Ghassan Alsenkri / disabled activist sub-council member for the disabled in the mud-facilities for the children of locomotors disabilities.

Card thanked can explain how useful and positive and we are very pleased and happy we are to effectively with these wishes to recur and become cooperation The future between you and us, especially after the first meeting which took place between you as deputy project manager and the head of the Governing Council in the rural knowledge-center studies and researches with disabilities, "Nabil Al-Eid."

On my behalf and on behalf of people with special needs in the province of Hama : The representative of the disabled and a member of the Council for the disabled sub Defenders

We thank you very much and respected trainers, volunteers and soldiers unknown in the effectiveness and the pilot filed by the Arab Cultural Center in a peaceful and cooperate with you, The participation of people with special needs us happiness, as was the echo of the participation of children with disabilities from various disabilities very nice where we have through this partnership more than one goal can be summarized as follows :

1.   The integration of people with special needs in the draft.

2.   Participation expanded their horizons and laid smile and greeted their families and their escort.

3.   I personally, I am from the category of persons with disabilities and their representatives also found that this successful experience a positive impact on the aspects of education and education.

4.   Some children with special needs / Blind / mother assured me after this became effective that mimics some of the votes, and figures that were heard by inventing imaginary characters and speak on her behalf and this is an important element in this experiment.

5.   Some children from the category of motor disability enchanted magic stressed that the atmosphere inside man back to the past and a time of the story.

Talal Katalbi / deputy chairman of the board of the Center for Studies and Research disabled

I thank the family of the individual members for the good work they have done for children with disabilities, despite the fact that the course is intended for the children of ordinary except that the participation of children with special needs in the program reflects a very important point to the success of effectiveness in the area of peaceful We hope that this experience of coming to integrate all children in the Syrian governorates and we hope that our cooperation with the course of the project we are hand in hand to give these groups equal opportunities with the sound of children.

Thank you

Amira Dibeh / Child's Mother Yazan. Attention deficit disorder and excessive activity

For my son was very pleased Yazan Stabbing J Juha story to the brothers and his secret testimony also symbolic of the Green After going to the House tried to imitate the green search for the treasure did not find in the home itself to the vessel in the position of sand and salt in a treasure for some money and asked him why there was sand, he told me he had found gold .

Ula Afarah / With the child Odai Herk / Autism

That cooperation with the draft The course was good and I think that the activity excellent because it develops the imagination of children and draws attention The focus on the sequence of events As for the case of Oday despite distraction Mental the hyperactivity, which suffers only that focus was good during the narrative story with some dispersion, and the consideration of around 0-1 and once recovered it in a story, such as questions : What did the ringleader has regained substantial part by Through the story of the questions others recalled And during the search for the effects it, Assisted This increased activity in the calm and focus in the use of research tools on the . The program was very good and I hope to repeat participation The Center for Studies and Research disabled Because of the benefits .The experience was useful and meaningful .

Lamees Fatom / With the child Hasan Al Halak / Down's Syndrome

When entering the tent was good to the full and calm at the beginning of the story was to interact with excellent attention with the narrator with the tradition of the votes issued by him And At the end of the story, I asked what good recollections of the story and despite the difficulties pronouncing the tradition of remembering and votes .

Fatima Alchehaui child's mother Marah Ashour / Down's Syndrome

When the girl left the house after amusing to cheer submitted by the group of track . The Access to the House began the tradition of the story, which overlooked one of the members of the public in the tent become Juha when installed on the donkey and White became public votes by Juha started to tell how her sisters told stories and sand and the search for and found sand and intended to Hilla old has been pleased with sand. the command of this new experience given anything not previously exist  spite of the Standing watch television, but the wonderful way to change and would have liked such activities regularly and systematically, including all children

We have conveyed views on the effectiveness of this act without any of us. The copy is also in the expression of feelings. We also like to project management in the course of these actors have to include all children with special needs in Syria. Nabil Al-Eid / board chairman of the Center for Studies and Research disabilities.  


Happy new year 2008 to our children with disabilities - Hand By Hand
Studies center for handicapped research not forgetting and Welfare of the children with disabilities to celebrate with disabled children Eid Al-Adha and Christmas and the New Year 2008
Happy new year to our children

Photos show the ceremony held in the hall Mais Al reem and another photos in rural knowledge network –Salamieh Telecentre

Attended the ceremony by:
Cerebral palsy children in Salamieh
Studies center for handicapped research in Salamieh

Children Association hand in hand from Aleppo





3 Dec 2007 - National plan on Rehabilitating Disabilities NPRD – Syria

Studies Centre for Handicapped Research participated in the special session to discuss the draft of National plan on Rehabilitating Disabilities NPRD – Syria

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Work.

invited head manager of SCHR organization Mr. Nabil Eid and Mr. Talal Alktalbi

NPDR Vision: All persons with disabilities in Syria live in dignity and have equal right and opportunity in the community.

The plan was developed by Dr. Ammar Solaiman
Member of the Central Council for the disabled in Syria.

On Friday 21st March 2008. (SCHR) Centre joyfully celebrated the Mother's Day.

On Friday 21st March 2008. The Studies Centre for Handicapped Research (SCHR) joyfully celebrated the Mother's Day.

On this Occasion our deer kids and students with disabilities participated in various activities including dance shows, singing and giving speeches.

The staff of Studies Centre for Handicapped Research also honored few teacher and mother's and handed them trophies and gifts.

The (SCHR) takes advantage to congratulate all mother in the world in this very special occasion.