Our Action plan 2009 for development children with disabilities through ICTs.

It is called a "Disabled but not Disqualified"

We will aim to achieve new and good strategy plan 2009 for disabled children  and become available to families and individuals with disabilities.

                                                                               Nabil Eid 17.01.2009


Who does the plan cover?

The plan cover children with disabilities and disabled families in Salamieh and rural area.

What is about the plan?

We want to change the way we do things to make our services better for disabled people in Salamieh and Syria.

And we want disabled people to have the same choices and chances to do things as everyone else.

Date of action plan

Name of Activities


January, 2009

1-Provide families a report and information available   on train their disable children in SCHR especially children with mental retardation.

2-Give credibility to the SCHR and outcomes like any business, consulting with people with disabilities is a key means of obtaining information.

3-Enables our organization to demonstrate to others, such as the disability community.

4-Conduct staff survey to assess attitudes to children with disabilities.

5-Conduct post training survey to assess staff attitudes to people with disabilities.

6-Review all our services to see what the good and bad things are, to make them better for disabled children at SCHR


Attended by Head manager Nabil Eid, and All Members, Staff at SCHR

February, March, April, 2009

Creation special audio library for the blind, visually impaired and physically handicapped

And putting the computer room intended for this E- library.

The volunteers will record lessons for library "Audio CD, MP3,Taps.

We plan to invite all blind and physically from rural areas and Salamieh to use this library.

We will put the information and content of library into web-site : www.caihand.org

Attended by Staff and Volunteers of SCHR

March, 2009

Setup Mental Retardation Program

Printing the program, first training, CD program and all content of program.

Sponsored by Sudanese Bank Union.

And moved to Sudan for 10 days to train mental retardation children in GDOC by Nabil Eid and tow trainer from SCHR, Lamis Fatoum, Noura Eid


Attended by Mr. Ahmed Eisa

Chairman of Gedaref Digital Organisation in Sudan

March, April, May, Jun, July, 2009


Launch new initiative for disabled people in Salamieh " Get ICDL certificate, Get a job opportunities "

Target :  physically handicapped, Age between 18-30 old year.

Place: Computer room at SCHR.

To Attended this course the trainees will pay fee of training.


Attended by physically handicapped Noura Arsalan, She got ICDL licence and certificate.

And Maria Deeb, Noura Eid also, they are got ICDL licences and certificates.

First April, 2009

Workshop for families with disabled children

This workshop is designed to help staff in SCHR understand the problems families with disabled children. discussion and case studies and learn more about each others roles and find ways of working together more effectively. Information needs of families with disabled children and how contact a families, how can help families 

services can help families.

Place: SCHR location

Attended by Specialist Abeer Al Khateeb, and

Staff of SCHR

Mid April, 2009

Workshop for families to use ICTs

The best use of the ICTs technologies and tools available for fostering positive development families with disabled people.

This workshop will train of 12 mothers in basic ICT skills. The course curriculum prepared by Nabil Eid

Place: Computer room at SCHR.

Attended by Nabil Eid and staff of SCHR


April, 2009

English Training Course

English language course for adults with disabilities. And use the computer to facilitate training such as conversation CD, Presentation .. etc..

Target :  Adult and physically handicapped.

Place: : Computer room at SCHR


Supervised Mr. Abdlah Fadel, communication officer at SCHR

Attendeded by Wisal Shahoud

from staff of SCHR

May, 2009

New Secretary courses and management of office Through application computer (MS-Word, Excel, Power point and Internet.

Target :  physically handicapped. And families of all disabled people.

Place: Computer room at SCHR.

To Attended this course the trainees will pay fee of training.

Attended by Talal Al Katlabi and staff of SCHR






May, 2009


Presentation and focus on prevention of the causes of disability.
Most common causes of disabilities:

  • Malnutrition and maternal ill-health
  • Lack of adequate health services - poor care during pregnancy and birth
  • Communicable diseases -Rubella, meningitis, encephalitis, cerebral malaria
  • Accidents - home; traffic; work related
  • Toxins (lead), medication, pesticides, drugs, alcohol
  • Polluted environments

Target: Families of handicapped

Place: Computer room at SCHR.

Dr. Hasan Khanseh

Health services and early intervention specialist.

Jun, 2009

Training course on children with mental retardation program.

Applied our program by computer in Cerebral Palsy Association.

Target : Staff of CP association.

Place: CP association in Salamieh


Attended by Nabil Eid and staff of SCHR.


IT Club for Children with disabilities

-         Promote and educate disabled children through learning

-         Working Party made up of internal and external stakeholders, including children with disabilities, who have relevant technical skills, understanding or expertise in disability issues and planning mechanisms

-         Promote and learn adult, children traditional skills such as: plant flowers, handcrafts, tailoring, games…

Target : Adult, Children with disabilities

Place: Garden of centre, Computer room, sand room.

Attended by Volunteers



Launch Internet Café

-         Internet Café for knowledge sharing and networking.

-         Target I : People with disabilities and Staff of SCHR

-         Free fee.

-         Target II: Healthy people

-         The clients will pay fee to use internet.

-         Place: Computer room.

-         Time: evening.




August, 2009

New course for disabled people in Salamieh "

Under banner " Design your advertisement to get independent incomes".

Programs of graphic design through Photoshop, Corel Draw.

  Target :  Deaf Mute, physically handicapped, Age between 18-30 old year.

Place: Computer room at SCHR.

To Attended this course the trainees will pay fee of training.


Specialist Design Trainer

August, 2009

Activities, Vacations, Communicate with NGO's internal and external Salamieh area.

Attended by Staff of SCHR and Volunteers


September, 2009


1-Begin start new phases in training children with disabilities.

2-Preparing to receive new disabled children

3-Training on computer programs 

Attended by Staff of SCHR

October, November  2009

1-Training on computer programs. 

2-Benefit from other organizations' work and experiences and exchange visit, Attended training workshops to strengthen information about disabilities cases such as :Autism, Learning with Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Deaf-Mute and children with CP

Attended by Arabee Society, Homs.

Reda Kareem Saeed Foundation, Damascus

Agha Khan Development Network, Salamieh


December, 2009

1-Training on computer programs. 

2- Assessment.

3- Party of new year 2010 for disabled children and their families.


Staff of SCHR and Volunteers

Great thanks to Royal Netherlands Embassy in Syria for their cooperation and contribution in supporting the children with disabilities through ICT for development special needs education to promote and advancement of our society in service and care of persons with disabilities.

Date 15-3-2009 The Ambassador of Netherlands embassy in Syria reviewed action plan 2009 at SCHR, Salamieh

The Ambassador of Netherlands embassy in Syria reviewed the action Plan 2009 at Studies Centre for Handicapped Research combined the first secretary in embassy and Chairman of SCHR explained the role of action plane for development children with disabilities.