Workshop on the Early Intervention for Disabled Families.”

On Tuesday 15th June 2010, was opened the “Workshop on the Early Intervention for Disabled Families.” The national workshop was organized by the Syrian Special Olympics Committee's and collaboration with the Studies Centre for Handicapped Research (SCHR), Salamieh.

The workshop took place in Al Rajaa society in Hama, Syria
The opening ceremony attended by Mrs. Rana Al Akhras, Director of  initiatives  in the Syrian Special Olympics, Mr. Nabil Eid, chairman of SCHR organization, Dr. Souad Al-Jundi , Ms. Dana aldahan from Special Olympics Committee's.

The workshop aims to empower disabled families by Early Intervention programs, developing, organizing and sharing.

The Workshop was attended by more than 160 participants from all Syrian governorates.

The opening session of the workshop was by disabled "Down Syndrome"

She welcomed with the families from all Syrian governorates, and thanked the organizing committee in Syrian Special Olympics on this initiative to support and promote the families of persons with disabilities.
Then Ms. Rana Al-Akhras presented the activities of the Syrian Special Olympics and she reviewed a lot of development projects and programs in support of persons with disabilities in Syria.
The chairman of SCHR Mr. Nabil Eid explained the importance of Assistive Technology and ICTs in Early Intervention for children with intellectual disabilities, and he also reviewed the importance of computer programs for achieving many of issues related in Early Intervention and support families of children with disabilities.

Dr. Souad Al Jundi presented the importance of Early Intervention and the importance of cooperation between specialists, associations and families in the follow-up and monitoring of children with disabilities.
The workshop included presentations, panel discussions and the participants were divided into three groups.

The first group have been addressed the category of children with intellectual disabilities from age of 0 to 3 years, the second and three group from age of 4-7 years
A secondary objective was addressed the laws and the rights of persons with disabilities. Mr. Ahmed Eid, lawyer, explained the rights and obligations of persons with disabilities through the terms of marriage, the duties and legal facilities.
The participants then discussed through more questions and queries about of their children and their rights through disability issues.
In the end of the workshop were distributed questionnaires to monitor trends and views on the outcomes of the workshop.

Dr. Souad Al-Jundi presented at the end of the workshop a summary of the main proposals and the outcomes of the workshop.

The workshop was made even more successful through speakers and participants, the active participation and involvement in the presentations, discussions and feedback.

Finally, the participants expressed their gratitude to the Syrian Special Olympics and organizer for hosting the workshop and the excellent arrangements made for the meeting.