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Amazing success

Miracles happen when we never expect  them
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Amazing success : Miracles happen when we never expect  them.
Bassem Yazagi a handsome young man of about 25 years ,a  kind and out going type of people During phsychological analysis session . unfortunately, he has been suffering form severe visually impaired  case; that was reflected on his spirits and manners : He always evaded meeting  people, he often showed despair and hopelessness , he was in bad terms with his community . In short, he was nearly a hopeless case . How ever ; luck had his own role to play .
He made a visit to our center a accompanied with a motor rehabilitation case Gassan Sankari, who had been taking his own training in our center .We received   Mr. Yazgi and we offered him a hand of help and mercy . New vistas have been opened for him :Special care - Dr.Nour taking part in bassem rehabilitation
We spent a lot of time listening to him, and we exerted heroic efforts to bring him back to the sense life . He had a lot training. For example, he has undergone a training course on speech recognition program. Also, a group of our devoted   volunteer trainers made it possible for him to under stand (ICT) and to use it properly. Thus, he was able to express him self clearly and find new areas of life.
Bassem , attended a the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis 16-19 November 2005. with Eng. Nabil Eid  , invitation by  ICTDAR program . Those panels are part of Sharing the Future Platform.Information & Communication Technology inFirst step Bassem to success presentation training on computer program Arab Region for Blind.
Succese would never end; Mr. Yazgi through our help and the cordial social community work in our center has found the girl of his dream Laila Al Emeer one of our staff has happily joined Bassem love wishes. He expressed lots of affection towards her , "she is new light of my life , she is my redeemed sight ", " he says" .
They are going to be happily married on March18 with the presence of many immediate relatives and friends and with the bless of all staff in the center ,and Dr. Nour Sheikh Obied who is  first patronized Mr. Yazgi and Mr. Nabil while attending the summit in Tunis our program.
Best wishes to Bassem and Laila. All of you are invited to celebrate the happy ending of our success story .


Happy reunoin a smile has finally come upon his face



Stories of success never came to an end
Ali Al Haj

We advance another sparkling example about our achievements .
We advance another sparkling example about our achievements

Ali Al Haj a new recruit in our center, 

He is 18 years old, He is the in the prime spring of his life.

He came here accompanied with his broken heart parents. He meant every thing to his distressed family. Those parents paid visits our center which opened new visions  and real hope for them .

Ali liked the touch on the computer keys.He showed great attachment to every part of the computer .He laughed and cried like a baby.

Training Ali was much difficult  than the other cases: He suffered from complete illiteracy .surprisingly, Ali could cop with the instructions and he was able to develop a kind of visual   memory that enabled him to convey his feelings .  Trainers were astonished by Ali's  innate capacity  to learn new materials.

Now ,Ali is able to form complete meaningful sentences .Also, he could have an access to the electronic library and read whatever books he likes. \Wow, what a great achievement and  a new real life. We appeal to the concerned societies  to tackle the special need cases ……

He is no longer a "creature" to be pitied on .He is a real human being with flashing dreams and kind spirits .

The family plays a great role  in this respect , let's join hands to install wings for these lively people so that they may hover in the skies of hope.

Ali is now happily rejoined with his family and society\ . He is also hopeful to happily unite with a girl such one would make him

Flutter with his new wings.



Our next story is about Rami al Jundi
Rami al Jundi

A young musician in a local musical band. At the beginning, it is well here to quote what "Edler " Says about disabilities: " inferiority complex drives an individual to work under this feeling to increase  his/he ability for production and work".

This is the case with Rami:

Rami is a young man about 20 years handsome and cute. He is Blind. He had been having a terrible time with his family in Damascus . He had a gloomy out look to life ,He used to smoke a lot and he always spoke nervously . His heart had no tune. Once he made a visit to our center ,things began to change differently. He had some training courses on computer and many programs .

What does his trainers say about him?

"Rami has shown amazing readiness to be interactive . He could use the computer " He could remarkably write and use the keys . The spirit of musician come back to him .

He was able to use his fingers fast on the key board . He was aware that there were few basic points that he could depend on when changing from a key to another . He didn't have to remove his hand off the key board. He showed some better points than his classmates. It’s well to point out that , he doesn't have a private computer at home. He had his only learning at our center .Rami is having a good family care which alleviates his case . He is leading a good life , he is a musician as well.

It's clear that music has a kind of effect on his innate powers.

We say all the best for our talented musician Rami al Jundi.


Yara Obiedo is another example for  the series of successes which never end.
That 10 years old girl Yara is our next story .

She first came shy and hesitant, the world was nothing to her but mere complete darkness
Her parents had that gloomy and appealing look in their eyes. We lavished on her our love and compassion. .. We offered her unlimited backing. She was the center of our direct attention. She was trained on using the computer .She became able to use the computer in a relatively short period. It is well to  remark  here that Yara was suffering From complete  blindness .Moreover ,she was illiterate Her other special need class mates supported her .They conveyed their expertise to her .Basem AlYazaji  anther blind trainee  could offer remarkable help to her. Yara was able to develop her own method in an amazingly disturbing force ;Yara could make a link between the keys and the  pictures in her mind .Our volunteering specialists and psychotherapists could alleviate her suffering and pains ;she is showing an optimistic outlook to life .She wants to be a( DATA PROCESSOR  in the future "as she says" )
The center took the burden of taking the special need students in trips to the out skirts and the parks in order to let them rejoice and have  some fun. The center offers some presents and gifts  to those students on celebrations and feasts.

The SCHR center had another mission ;how to adapt the parents to our program and how they should handle their special need children .We provided them  with our advice and guided them to contact us when it is necessary. It is well to mention here that Yara's other two sisters are going to face the  same destiny ;they suffer from partial blindness.

Work team leader, Nabil Eid , has adopted the  strategy  that older disability cases  convey their expertise to their  classmates  so that they can spread  an atmosphere  of love and confidence among themselves. Yara has successfully participated in the performance  during the opening ceremony to ICTDAR / ICTARB  program. (Information and Communication Development in Arab Region for Blind)

We are fully hopeful that the seeds  we are growing will finally flourish and bloom in  our community.


Our next special story is about the two brothers Tamer & Laith

from Tears to Laughs

"Tamer and Laith " The Living Tragedy

Tamer and Laith are well – known  brothers to the same family in Salamieh, Syria .

Their birth and life had much agony and pain to their parents . They were  born in succession totally blind. Their earliest case was a thunder bolt to fall upon their father's head .He was shocked and was on bring of an impending  doom .

Those two males meant every thing in life to their family .The two boys had undergone a series of treatments, tests and operations. However, all that didn't work : They were " a hopeless case " specially when Laith situation went even worse: he lost his hearing ability, he went deaf. It was impossible for him to understand and read .

As distressed and depressed Tamer and Laithe's  mother a young woman who set an example to the other women in patience , tact  and understanding. She spent days and nights caring for her young ones. She trained them and she lived the details of their live . She overcome her sorrows and showed much belief in God. Please, have a look to the inset picture with her boys after they have done their Brill chart.

This chronic , exhausting work had to be terminated .The two young " Blind boys " came to our center accompanied by their mother and a punch of great hopes and expectations .We opened our hearts along with the center.
The center mobilized all its efforts and " simple facilities " to handle the situation. The manger Mr. Nabil Eid  set a plan  to deal with their ordeal . He divided the volunteers and specialists in to group:

-         Psycho  therapists.

-         Speech therapy.

-         Trainers to develop sense ability Laith.

-         Speech computer program.

-         Specialists to prepare the mother for better handling their case … We had some hearing sessions with their parents . We briefed them about the case . We set a constant and optimistic plan , seemingly it worked well .

Those two brothers had lots of training and practice on computer. Surprisingly, they were able to attain remarkable skills . They showed much attachment and love to every part in our center. They could use their sense ability to handle the keys and develop their skills. They prevailed an atmosphere of love and compassion. They used to express pleasure when they came to us. They could recognize each member in the center family from his/her voice or by touching his/her cheeks They did well on computer program and participated in the performance on ICTARB Project day (Information & Communication Technology in Arab Region for Blind ).

The center is planning another future treatment for them, as their success reflected positively on their parents , case of fear and distress. The  parents could smile and dream of stable life.

We had other success with their cases. A volunteer musician joined our team to develop Laith's innate skills to play on musical instruments . Laith could play the flute and the lute and could compel our admiration and steal our tears.

He can now play pieces of music. He attends to a music band , and he likes his work.

Laith and Tamer are now continuing their studies in a boarding school in Damascus.
Laith is going to set for the preparatory school certificate soon . They are scheduled to spend summer vacation with us (The center family ) to carry on their training.

We appeal to the kind hearts all over the world to extend a hand of mercy and help to those boys who always say:

 " We feel like flying, just we want some wings to be installed".

They dream of becoming computer specialists and musician. However, This Long – Way .

Marsh of training needs more support and a look of mercy.

Have pity on them and be merciful so that God may have mercy upon you.


Our next story is about Dr. Alma Al Muhammad, Melody of hope and love.

Dr .Alma Al Muhammad

Tuning To Life, Melody of hope and love

Dr. Alma's name has a synonym in Arabic .It means the beautiful flourishing leafy tree.
She is well named, especially when you know her closely .
"Fair as a star , when only one shining in the sky " as one of the English poets once said. When you visit our center, you may be lucky to meet Dr . Alma, whose face and gestures would tell you millions of hellos . She is the "love of all, the friends talk " as they call her.
Alma has had along story with blindness.
She was affected by measles at the age of three . However , the symptoms of blindness appeared on her when she was seven .Then the long days of agony and suffering began ..

Dr. Alma , tragedy has bigger dimensions especially, when we know that she has other  2 sisters affected by that case:

H ala, a blind girl currently helping her sisters and taking care of them.

Rola,  She is a B.A of philosophy . She is currently studying theology and sharia'a. She is working as a teacher in the field of children rehabilitation for the Blind institution .

Dr. Alma is always hopeful . She shows un relenting will to fight darkness.
She has the insight of a keen girl . She is guided by her inner senses and feelings. She is one of our staff is the SCHR . .. She has shown brilliant skills on computer programs. She could accustom her self to the new strategies of the ( CAI ). She is now able to use computer in preparing her doctorate .. thesis.  She is going to submit her thesis this month ( April ) we wish her all the best and we say . Bravo Alma you have done it at last. It’s the victory of SCHR center also.

A special Interview with Alma .

A: When did this blindness case start ?

B: At the age seven, I stopped to see well . Every thing was hazy and blurred

-How did the oculist diagnose ?

-A case resulting from measles .

-Who helped you at firs?

-My family a has reached me with a hand of help . I had great difficulty at school. But with patience and persistence, I could get my high school certificate .

-Why did you visit the Center ?

-Smiling – it is my destiny " you are a nice interviewer " joking. I wanted to meet you. Of course, I heard about the SCHR , and I was right they offered me all help. Their help aided me much to prepare my thesis.

-How could you react to sounds?

I receive the sounds calmly whether they are high or low , I can sense them through the air and the space .

For example, I can have the feeling of an approaching car , My inner sight is keen: I can sense openness . I can feel open doors in my house.

-What can you tell us about your memories?

-Have you ever under gone love sensation ?

Well .. sure . I have a volcano of hidden emotions.

I feel as if I were flying in the sky . I feel  crying with every song. The one  I love is certainly handsome because he has a noble heart . I like every thing in the world even an Ant .. a Bee .They give me the meaning of life. once, I was communicating by tune and voice with a nightingale that perched near my balcony .

-We were told that once you had been a Jockey … You like horse riding, don't you?

-Yeah, that was a long time ago. Horses are genius –Arab horses I used to deal with them amiably and gently. I used to say hello to them . My father trained me and told me how to deal with them.

- Dr. Alma . Do you like swimming ?

- Yes , I love it. I like hugging the waves. I get back to child hood. Sitting near the sea helps me think deeply and consequently, I can have peace of mind.

- Sorry to ask, but aren't you afraid of the sea waves?

- No, no on the contrary, I feel as if they were playing with me. I can have a sensation when the waves are so strong that I dive under them. Another wave carries me safely to the shore. Man shouldn't and can't tame the sea, rather man should come in harmony with the sea.

- How did you get your certificates?

You know, I got my Baccalaureate in Damascus. Then I joined the university Faculty of Arts. I joined the post graduate studies. I did all the tests successfully. I had a course in French language to enable me for my M. A degree. I got the M. A in 1996 . I had a lot of suffering . I didn't have much help or facilities. My father , may his soul be blessed, had the kindest heart and helped me much. After the death of my father I stayed one complete year unable to continue my work, I lost my backing, my support. I hade no one then. My mother was dead a long time ago. That was in Sep. 1989. She was also benevolent . She offered me hand of help, and she showed me great sympathy. She used to read for me in both English and French .

I owe her much to the great help she give me to continue my post graduate in Leon in French but I was short of money. I waited for scholarship but it was hopeless. Luck had another turn for me. I was overwhelmed with joy when Damascus university, the Dean and the vice Dean expressed their wish to support me. There for, I proceeded.

The thesis was about Jalal Al Deen Roomi. He was an Islamic devoted poet. He had much philosophy in his poetry. I'd like to forward my thanks and appreciation to both the Iranian cultural consulate and the French institute for Arabic studies for the help they offered me to prepare my doctorate.


I had my first computer training in 1997 , Mr. Nabil Eid was the first to teach and train me on computer. He developed his own program "voice, dictionary" speech recognition.  I proceeded to communicate with Nabil Eid again in the SCHR center. The center developed its activities then to cover all kinds of special need cases. The center has developed its own program. I am indebted to Ms. Lena A –Reffai and Dr. Sarab Atasi for her nice gift; a program that helped me to carry on my studies and to a group of French ladies. (The Society of French Ladies in Damascus and especially to Mrs. Viviane Glasman, Mrs. Catherine Sanagustin, Mrs. Lina Chamchikh and Mrs. Maha jedid). Who gave me a laptop on condition that  I offer help to young special needs kids.


The long history of suffering from my case was an incentive for me to stream into my surrounding. For me, the special need person is someone who is endowed with special skills and abilities. It is his/her
right to think and communicate with the surrounding world. This term special  needs cases is no longer a burden to those who lose one of their senses. There must be something else to make him/her better and over come the total darkness and make reconciliation  with life then life will have its meaning again.



Our next story is about motor rehabilitation, The girl who loves the moon.

(Noura  Arslan )

"The girl who loves the moon"

Noura is one of our motor – rehabilitation students
Noura is much  like the early spring buds.
She is a candle that enlightens the dark corners in our gloomy hearts Noura 's name comes from the Arabic.
Origin (Nour). Which means light. Noura has become a star in our center. She has changed a lot .

Before noura come to our center she was kept in total indifference. Her only solace was to listen some music. She had broken spirits. She only had  the chance to sit in front of her house and watch people. She has an angelic voice and she is as pure as snow. Every one loves her now, Noura has changed a lot. She is a current visitor to our center She deals with people differently, She no lunges feels that she is burden . She feels as if she were bird .She has had lots or training  on computer programs . She could master certain programs. She likes drawing's and singing. She always signs for us in the center She participated in many T.V shows and program about special needs . She was shown on Arabic channel. The center has discovered the beauty of her enchanting voice .. She participated in many songs during the performance day . She had the closed care of Dr. Nour Sheikh Obied .The manager of ICT4Dev in UNDP/Syria.

Now Noura is having certain thereby by our trainers and specialists on rehabilitation. We have brought her soul and spirits back to the realm of hope.

We say brave to the work team in the center  piloted by Nabil Eid .

All the best to our dearest child of hope.  Noura Arslan.




Ali Al Jundi - 4 Years only
The Broken Mirror

We were waiting for the new born baby after three daughters . We were very happy for the birth of "Ali" . No body notices that ( Ali ) doesn't notice the movement of things in front of him , Wwhich means that light and dark are the same for him – We were very sad for that . when I visited  optical doctor . He examined the baby (Ali ) and said that his sickness is called ( peter enomally ) and it is  a rare illness and it is even impossible to be cured now days . But we should do an operation to the baby's eyes . I sent recommendation letter to one of those commercial optical doctor and he is his friend since university period as his  mother was a minister in previous government . When he read the recommendation letter he sent us to a medical center to make a photo, before having an operation for the eye to keep its shape  in the future . He said that the left eye is safe to start with it . He told how much does it cost and he took money before he had done the operation and we signed a paper that he is not responsible about the operation result ,The result was a tragedy because it became impossible to cure the eye in the future , When we asked him , He said he was sorry that the operation failed . I resumed my search to find an honest doctor even to Lebanon .I mailed many counties Germany . France Russia , Spain , UK , and USA to get answer from Aga Khan hospital in Karatchi in Pakistan, but they need to examine the child and then decide what to do. I sent all the papers for his eye from  Syria and prepared my self to travel to Pakistan , When they examine the baby , They asked me about the bad optical doctor who had done the surgery .

He asked me if I can wait until he mailed a hospital in Serilanka in order to bring ( Curnia ) and plant it,  and then to do the surgery again according to the result of planting the ( Currnia  ) . they did the surgery successfully. The hospital told us that after tow months . He can have the second surgery . We returned to Syria and then we came back after two months but the doctor said he can't do the suitable apparatus ( tools ), It is not suitable for children We mailed the British Embassy to give us a visa to U.K .. I mailed a doctor his name is "C.K. Patel"  and he said we should have assume as insurance for surgery and  I should bring (Ali ) fast , When answer , I tried to phone him later, but no answer, I knew he can't do unknown results surgery . I mailed USA through sending medical papers and photos through friends to opticians and they said that he can have a surgery and the best results are to be able to eat , drink by himself and he can see only big things and shapes .Because of financial problems event to travel to USA

 I find some one help me or God sustains me in this matter.



Story Telling: My Second Home, Salamieh Telecentre

ICTs4D Rural women with Disabilities
Roza Al-Yazji a Twenty-two years old girl, ranking the third amongst four brothers, She was born and suffered from many health problems, including speech disorder and learning disabilities. At the beginning, her parents noticed that case. But when she reached the age of sixteen, her parents could see her delay in speech and learning, balance disorder when she walked.
Her parents tried to get her into the state School but that was in vain. She was unable to continue learning with her colleagues in the classroom. Then she had no other choice but leave school and stay at home and rely on her relatives in learning.
Her father died when she was twelve, and her mother undertook training and education, also her sister tried to help her occasionally.
(The isolation and loneliness were in my life and my heart I did not know how to spend my long days.), "Roza said".

That what she expressed during the meeting. Days went on the time passed at the same monotony and isolation, When Roza was twenty-one, her mother died.
(My mother loved me so much, She did not let me feel disabled, but now what could I do?.)

(I became parentless, a miserable orphan, I realized that my life came to an end).
Her sister began to pay attention to help her for a way out of this isolation. She wanted to Have an integration  into the community with people and friends.
Nabil: Did you have an approach to computer?
Roza: (laughing)no never. Can I learn computer?
Nabil: Let's make an attempt.

One morning dated 15-8-2006 Rosa for the first time came to Salamieh Telecentre with her sister, and I received them. Her sister summarized the circumstances of Roza life and asked me to find some solution and help her to assist in ICTs?
Roza’s sister:Can she learn ICTs, to eliminate her isolation, to connect with people, with life ....
Nabil:Yes, she can do it, but Rosa must take care of a training method and I am sure she will do so much.
- At first Roza was surprised , but deeply in her heart she was indescribably pleased. I saw that glimmer in her eyes.
" I will no longer be imprisoned behind bars of isolation  " I will learn computer. Her enthusiasm grew. She flooded me with her questions."Can I do that" "can I became as Firas and Mariam", "can I design brochure, advertisements and make presentations and access to  Internet look for my friends in the wide world connect with them, send letters, chat … questions to her"

- My answer was " Yes, You can do that" and then and her hopes rose high. "
Rosa was committed to her new tasks her first stages of the experiment. She was very careful in coming to Telecentre, step-by-step began her training and she began writing her own history.
During my follow up to her to training she kept asking me

- "How can I design this advertisement?. "how can I print it? look at this presentation, that I made and I gave here more training examples.
- "I don't feel time. What time is it now?
- Twelve o'clock, I have spent four hours, I didn't feel of it.
Rosa was no longer marginalized. She used to be smiling, she always raced her feet to reach the Telecentre every day. She realized that what she heart about ICTs may hot be for available many people can't know it, our telecentre has given her self-confidence.
Some trainers and Visitors to Telecentre collaborated to help Roza, who communicated and shared her experience with them.

- "I was always put her practical examples to train and test and make her feel confident" I realized that she has improved in dealing with the computer and programs.

She started prospects and aspirations out of the four walls of isolation that had once captured her for along time.
- "Salamieh Telecentre is my second home, it has became apart of my life"
- It's true, I was disabled, but I am not disqualified.

 I came to realize that there was a kind of real change in the way she talks, she behaves , she could express her self. She was back to normal life.

 Nabil Eid

ICT4D – Syria


Rama Al kasir - and her championships

Rama Al kasir - and her championships, She defy her disabilities
Rama Al kasir young girl ,She suffered from many disabilities such as learning disability, learning disorders and speech disorder. She fellow with us on mental retardation programme with her colleagues  at studies centre for handicapped research (SCHR)

Since She joined at our centre she was activity girl in addition to championships sports.
Rama achieved further of challenged and championships on international and local level and she  achieve top ranks of excellence and success and we can sum up the awards which she obtained:
- Award of the first prize in the festival of " Ambition and Life" 2003
- Award of the first prize in the province of Deir Ezzor in 2004.
- Award of the first Prize "Zayed Al Khaier" in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai 2006.
- Award silver in the governorate of Aleppo. 2007.

- She got the honor and graduate certificate from first lady, "Asmaa Al Assad" for her participation in the session of the fifth regional Middle East and North Africa in 2007

True, we disabled but not disqualified
Rama aspire to achieve more World Championships and the successes and pick some pictures with her colleagues at the Centre, teachers who are trained on mental retardation programme.