Welcome to the  Studies Center for Handicapped Research (SCHR)
Computer Assisted Instruction

We are a work team, dedicated to providing and improving special educational program in Syria to those lives affected by Blind, Deaf-Dumb, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and other neurological conditions resulting in intellectual, physical, sensory or multiple learning disabilities. SCHR-CAI Center aims directly to provide and promote:

  • Early intervention for children below 4 years with either intellectual or multiple disabilities.

  • Special education and rehabilitation for children below 16 years with multiple disabilities.

  • Structured teaching for children with Autism or associated with problems between 2-12 years. 

  • Services Provision through the local community for disabilities and other Social Services.  

  • Activating Parental involvement in the training programs for children and providing the educational activities of SCHR- CAI Center. 

  • Assuring community awareness for the needs of disabilities for learning intellectual or multiple cases to promote their skills for meaning ful life.

  • The formation of Parent Support Groups to help the new  disabled children parents'.

  • Provision of staff training to prepare  qualified special educators. 

Research on the causes and the effective methods for dealing with  the various learning disabilities as suits the needs of handicapped served by SCHR-CAI Center. 
This website is designed to give information and  resources about the Disabled and Special need cases and services provided to the disabled.
We are currently conducting and monitoring various programs to train special need students by Electronic Learning to promote and improve their skills and rehabilitate them to get new job opportunities.

                                                                                                                            Eng.Nabil Eid
                                                                                                                         Head of team work

Nabil Eid

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